Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey Follow Up

Closed 4 Sep 2020

Opened 13 Aug 2020

Results updated 27 Oct 2020

The survey, which ran from mid-August to early September, repeated some key questions from an initial report published in June this year - to reveal any changes over that time across the sector and to illustrate comparisons. The additional results will inform ongoing recovery work with sector partners.

Key findings from the latest survey show the most common effects on the heritage sector were again loss of revenue, with 70 per cent of respondents citing this; while 65 per cent of those surveyed noted postponement/cancellation of planned income-generation or marketing events having the biggest impact on their operation. 63 per cent of respondents also listed loss or postponement of work due to the ongoing pandemic.

Download the full report and data.



Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is working closely with the historic environment sector to better understand the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and develop a long term vision. 

We are compiling data on how all parts of the historic environment sector in Scotland have been affected.

Now we have moved into phase three of the Scottish Government’s route map out of current lockdown, we are looking to hear from businesses, organisations and community groups again. 

We conducted a sector survey in April and shared the results with the sector and its stakeholders. Whether or not you responded to our last survey we welcome your views now. 

We appreciate the time you are taking to share your experience as an organisation, business or community group. This survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. 

Why your views matter

The results will inform our own actions in response to COVID-19, add value to other consultations and calls for information HES and other organisations are making, and provide material to promote the continuing value of the sector during the crisis.