Designating Dundee Repertory Theatre (Dundee Rep)

Closed 25 Jan 2022

Opened 14 Dec 2021

Feedback updated 17 Feb 2022

We asked

From 14 December to 25 January 2022, Historic Environment Scotland (HES) sought views on our proposal to designate Dundee Repertory Theatre as a category A listed building.

The building is an exceptional example of a late-20th century theatre design that was found to meet our criteria for designation. Despite being restricted by a very tight budget and a small site, the building is distinguished for its design quality and complements the historic setting of Tay Square. It is also one of only three major examples of new theatres that were purpose-built in Scotland during the theatre building boom of the 1950s-80s.

Further details can be accessed on our Heritage Portal.

You said

We received 12 responses which contributed to our knowledge of the building and also provided insight into how the theatre is valued.

All of the responses were in favour of designating Dundee Rep as a listed building.

Dundee Rep was described as a unique and cleverly designed building that is striking, both inside and out. Overall people thought it was very successful in its function as a theatre, particularly due to its well organised layout within the constrained site. They felt that it positively contributes to the character of Tay Square and is an important cultural hub that is at the heart of the city’s arts quarter.

There was one concern that listing may prevent improvements being made to the building in terms of accessibility. One response highlighted that its continued use as a repertory theatre, or ‘rep’, is very rare within the context of Scotland and the wider UK, as many former ‘reps’ now operate as touring houses. The local authority also provided additional information about the external lighting scheme and sculptural banner pole in Tay Square.

We did

After considering the comments received during the consultation, we have now listed Dundee Repertory Theatre at category A.

Listed building record for Dundee Repertory Theatre

Download the Report of Handling from our Heritage Portal 

We have made some changes as a result of the comments received – our assessment and the listed building record have been amended to highlight the rarity of Dundee Rep as a repertory theatre.

More Information

Our historic environment is always changing. Listing does not prevent change, but it does allow for a structure’s special character to be taken into account when changes are proposed.

Listing does not mean that the Dundee Rep should stay as it is forever, or even that it must always remain a theatre - many buildings can be repurposed for different uses.

You can find out more about listing in our booklet, Scotland’s Listed Buildings or find out more on our website: 

Our website also has more detail about the Listed Building Consent (LBC) and Conservation Area Consent (CAC) processes, as well as information on how to apply. There is additional guidance in our Managing Change series of publications.


We are proposing to designate Dundee Repertory Theatre (Dundee Rep) as a listed building –  an award-winning and architecturally distinctive example of modern theatre design in Scotland.

We have launched this public consultation to gather views on our proposal to list this important building. We are confident that it is of special architectural and historic interest and our initial view is that category A is appropriate. Find out more about listed buildings.

Find out more about why we think Dundee Rep meets the criteria for listing by downloading our Report of Handling [PDF, 257KB] 

Main elevation of Dundee Repertory Theatre (Dundee Rep) from Tay Square

Dundee Repertory Theatre (Dundee Rep) © Historic Environment Scotland

Why your views matter

We’d love to hear your thoughts and whether you agree with our proposal. You can do this by completing the short questionnaire below. We are also keen for any more information that you might have about the building, which will enhance our understanding of its significance and our record. 

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Find out what comments we consider and what happens next in our consultation guide or watch our designations video on YouTube.