Working On and Near to Scheduled Monuments

Closed 6 May 2021

Opened 25 Mar 2021


Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is looking for your views on a new Managing Change Guidance Note: Working on and near to scheduled monuments.

You can find the draft guidance note below or download a copy [PDF, 236KB).


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This new document is part of an ongoing review of historic environment policy guidance, following on from the launch of the Historic Environment Policy for Scotland (HEPS) in May 2019.

Download the consultation questions in advance [print version, PDF 13MB]

Why your views matter

This Managing Change Guidance Note contains advice for you if you own, manage or need to make decisions about work on or close to a scheduled monument.

It will help you plan work in a way that helps preserve and enhance nationally important historic sites. It contains detailed advice about working on or near scheduled monuments and the processes for related consents.

This note aims to explain how to apply the policies in HEPS, Scottish Planning Policy and Scheduled Monument Consents Policy in terms of working on and near to scheduled monuments.


HEPS is a high-level policy statement directing decision-making that affects the historic environment.

It should be used alongside Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), which sets out policies for a range of land use planning matters, including how to approach decisions in the planning system affecting the historic environment.

Historic Environment Scotland is the regulator for scheduled monuments. Our policy for making decisions about consents at scheduled monuments is set out in our Scheduled Monuments Consents Policy.

Managing Change in the Historic Environment is a series of non-statutory guidance notes about making changes to the historic environment. One of Historic Environment Scotland’s roles is to provide best practice advice and we have produced a number of guidance notes to help guide changes to the historic environment in line with HEPS and SPP.

As part of the series of Managing Change in the Historic Environment, this note will help you understand how we make decisions in line with these policies, and what you can expect from us.

This guidance note looks at 'Working on and near to scheduled monuments' in terms of:

  • The key issues that might arise
  • How best to deal with such issues
  • The reasons behind our advice

What happens next

Thank you for taking part in this consultation. Our next steps will be processing all the results and addressing your comments in the document draft.

The final policy guidance document will be published on the Managing Change Guidance page on our website.