Holyrood Park and the Road Network

Closed 30 Sep 2021

Opened 28 Jun 2021

Results updated 17 Aug 2022

As part of the wider management of Holyrood Park, a survey was conducted online to guage feedback on current access to the park.

A new long-term Plan for the wider Holyrood Park is in development, and will be ready for consultation towards the end of this year. Site managers, Historic Environment Scotland (HES), plan to consult with a wide range of stakeholders, users and interest groups in a first step to create the foundations for a new Strategic Plan for Holyrood Park, developing the best solution for all users and visitors to the iconic city centre landmark.

The  Plan will examine how to balance different users’ needs with other aspects affecting the Park - including climate change, conservation, heritage, biodiversity, health and safety, wellbeing and the Park’s infrastructure, including the roads network.

Read the New Strategic Plan for Holyrood Park statement in full.

Download the Holyrood Park Traffic Management Survey.



Over the past year, we’ve trialled different hours of vehicle access for the road networks in Holyrood Park to help facilitate social distancing and support for wellbeing.

To help understand the balance of needs for all park users, we've opened a survey to gather people's feedback on the road networks. 

We'd be very grateful for you to spend 5 - 15 minutes responding to this survey and sharing it with your friends, family and colleagues who use Holyrood Park.