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We asked

We invited feedback on a report we commissioned from Lichfields UK: Battlefields Planning Best Practice. The Lichfields Report is available on the HES website.

You said

We received 29 responses, covering the conclusion of the report and its recommendations. Thank you to everyone who responded.

You can see what people said by downloading the summary report (see below). 

We did

We are now analysing the views we have received.

Your feedback will help to inform our next steps, including any actions we propose to take in relation to the role of Historic Environment Scotland, or changes we recommend to others with responsibilities in the planning system. 

We asked

From 27 September to 18 October 2022, Historic Environment Scotland (HES) sought views on our proposal to designate buildings at Ardbeg Distillery at category A and C.  

Ardbeg Distillery was registered as a legal commercial distillery in 1815 but was known to be in production from the late 18th century – early historical whisky records indicate spirit was being illicitly produced at Ardbeg from 1798. Some of the buildings at the distillery date from 1815 with later 19th century additions and expansion. 

Ardbeg Distillery is a very early surviving example of a whisky distillery in Scotland with its core buildings amongst the five oldest surviving examples in the country. The level of survival of its original distillery buildings is rare within the building type. This site is remarkable because it has been in almost continuous use since the early 19th century.

You said

We received no responses to the Citizens Space consultation.  

The proposer and local authority had no substantive comments. The owner raised a query regarding potential future Listed Building Consent and the planning process once Listed. An online meeting was held between HES, the owner and the local authority and all parties were content with no further issues raised.

We did

We have now listed the buildings at category A and C. The listed building records are available on our Heritage Portal (LB52611 and LB52613), where the final Report of Handling (LB52611 and LB52613) is also available.     

Our historic environment is always changing. Listing does not prevent change, but it does allow for a structure’s special character to be taken into account when changes are proposed.  

We asked

From 9 to 30 August 2022, Historic Environment Scotland (HES) sought views on our proposal to designate land at St Michael’s Knowe, Coldingham, Scottish Borders and surrounding area as a scheduled monument.

We were interested to find out what information you had about the site and also to gather views about some or all of the site being designated as a scheduled monument.

You said

We received nine responses, which contributed to our knowledge of the area and also provided insight into how the site is valued.

Most of the responses were in favour of designating the land at St Michael's Knowe as a scheduled monument. Our questions focussed on your relationship to the site, any knowledge you may have that was useful and which areas you felt should be scheduled. Eight out of the nine responded that they felt all the areas outlined in the consultation should be scheduled.

We received additional comments, most supportive of the proposal and recognising the importance of the site. Some comments from respondents include:

"I'm delighted that the area around Coldingham Priory and St Michael's Knowe is under consideration for listing as a scheduled monument."

"The area is of major historical significance and requires further archaeological investigation. Any developments prior to this would be extremely detrimental."

We had a single negative comment: 

"Will it make any difference to the usual train of nonsense and waste as every other designated site other than the ones HES charge to get in to?"

We did

We note the negative comment above. We schedule to recognise our most significant sites and monuments. This provides for the protection and preservation of the cultural significance of scheduled monuments through a series of consents, compliance, enforcement and monitoring procedures managed by us. Being a scheduled monument does not confer any right of public access.

After considering the comments received during the consultation, we will now take forward a designation assessment. We will use the information supplied to inform our designation assessment for St Michael's Knowe and the surrounding area. Once this assessment has been completed, we will consult on our proposed decision.