Historic environment employers skills survey

Closed 31 Aug 2023

Opened 1 Jun 2023


The sector is facing increasing challenges in regards to accessing skills provision.

As an employer or organisation in the heritage sector, we want your views on the skills and workforce challenges your organisation is facing, and the solutions your organisation needs.

The Skills Investment Plan for the Historic Environment (SIP) was developed and published in 2019 by Historic Environment Scotland and Skills Development Scotland after consultation with the sector and its partners. The overarching goal of the SIP is to ensure that the operation and growth of the historic environment is not constrained by lack of suitable and appropriate talent, through its five strategic objectives:

  • improve awareness and understanding of employment opportunities within the historic environment
  • provide a shared understanding of the key skills issues which will impact on the historic environment
  • provide a strategic skills framework around which all stakeholders can deliver
  • ensure that all supporting sectors have a good understanding and awareness of the historic environment
  • ensure that there are a range of skills development and training opportunities to meet the needs of individuals and employers operating in the sector

Four years on, the SIP is being reviewed and refreshed to ensure we learn the lessons of the previous four years, and are creating the skills system the sector needs to take us through the next five years.

The refreshed skills investment plan will provide a focus for collaborative action and investment and a framework to monitor progress.

Why your views matter

Your opinions are vital. Without your views we will not be able to identify the priority actions, and where to focus resources and effort over the next five years.

The survey has 40 questions which are mostly multiple choice covering business confidence, recruitment challenges, skills needs and gaps and training provision.   You are able to save the survey and return at any time.

The closing date for the survey is Monday 14 August.

GDPR Statement

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Your Data

All individual survey responses will be anonymous. As part of this survey, we would like to understand which part of Scotland you or your organisation are from for our analysis, so we are asking you to provide the first three digits of your postcode. This will ensure that your location is not identifiable.

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What will we do with your data? 

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Should you wish to be take part in further consultation with HES there will be an option to leave your an email address.

What happens next

The results of this survey will be analysed in August 2023.

They will be used to inform dicussion in roundtables and the actions in the refreshed skills investment plan. 

The new Skills Investment Plan for the historic environment will be published in February 2024 and we will hold a launch event in March/April 2024 when we will explore the mechanisms needed to deliver the identified actions.

If you wish to be considered for further consultations please leave your e-mail address or contact catherine.cartmell@hes.scot.