Battlefields: Planning Best Practice - feedback on a report by Lichfields UK

Closed 17 Nov 2022

Opened 11 Aug 2022


Updated on 3 November: Following a request from consultees, we have extended the consultation for 14 days. The consultation will now close on 17 November.

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is seeking views on recommendations made by Lichfields UK in a report about how the Inventory of Historic Battlefields is working within the Scottish planning system.

The Inventory of historic battlefields was established in 2011. It is a list of nationally important battlefields in Scotland.

HES commissioned this study in 2021, following two petitions to the Scottish Parliament calling for stronger protection for Scotland's battlefields. 

Lichfields UK make a number of evidence-based recommendations that inform best practice in the designation and management of Inventory battlefields in the planning system.

You'll be able to access the report, along with more background information, at the start of this survey.

Why your views matter

Your views can play an important part in how Scotland's most important historic battlefields are recognised and protected in the future.

Many organisations and individuals play an important role in looking after Scotland's historic battlefields.

The recommendations by Lichfields cover many areas, from designation, to planning policy and development management, and how archaeology within battlefields is investigated. 

Your views will help to shape any actions we take in response to the recommendations, both in respect of our role in maintaining the inventory but also the advice and support we provide to Scottish Government, Planning Authorities, and others.  

Thank you for your time.

What happens next

When the consultation closes, we will be analysing the views we have received.

Your feedback will help to inform our next steps, including any actions we propose to take or changes we recommend to others.