Designating Carsethorn Pier

Closed 28 Apr 2022

Opened 7 Apr 2022


We are proposing to designate Carsethorn Pier as a scheduled monument –  an archaeological feature that makes a significant contribution to our understanding and appreciation of the maritime heritage of southwest Scotland, and its contribution to the history of 19th century emigration.

Carsethorn Pier, tops of wooden posts visible at high tide on a sunny day









Carsethorn Pier at high tide © Courtesy of Andrew Dutton

We have launched this public consultation to gather views on our proposal to schedule this important site.  Find out more about scheduled monuments.

Carsethorn Pier, close up view of wooden posts at low tide on a partly sunny day









Detailed view of Carsethorn Pier at low tide © Courtesy of Andrew Dutton

Find out more about why we think Carsethorn Pier meets the criteria for scheduling by downloading our Report on Handling.

Why your views matter

We’d love to hear your thoughts and whether you agree with our proposal. You can do this by completing the short questionnaire below. We are also keen for any more information that you might have about the site, which will enhance our understanding of its significance and our record. 

This questionnaire usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Find out what comments we consider and what happens next in our guide or the video below.