Designating the Low Port Centre, Linlithgow

Closed 13 Jun 2024

Opened 18 Apr 2024


We are proposing to designate the Low Port Centre, 1 Blackness Road, Linlithgow as a listed building.

The Low Port Centre is a former community outdoor and education centre designed by Wheeler & Sproson and built 1986-88. It includes a mural in the entrance foyer by James Cumming RSA RSW (1922-1991) titled ‘The Community: A Festival of Time’. The mural painted in 1988, depicts a theme of timeless community with a scene of 39 figures and characters symbolising various aspects of community life within a colourful town setting.

The mural is a rare and important public work of artist James Cumming, one of the most significant Scottish painters of the later 20th century and a figure of major influence as both an artist and a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art. Award-winning architectural practice Wheeler & Sproson had a particular interest in the integration of art and architecture and commissioned this work for the purpose-built outdoor education centre. The building is a relatively rare example of this building type and is designed in modern style with influence of Scottish vernacular, a characteristic style of Wheeler & Sproson.

Colourful wall mural inside building showing people, buildings, hills, purple sky

The Low Port Centre with mural by James Cumming © HES 

We are now gathering views on our proposal to list this building at category B. 

To help you respond to the following survey, please read why we think the Low Port Centre meets the criteria for listing by downloading our Report on Handling. You can also download a copy of the proposed Listing Map.

How we designate listed buildings

We list buildings of special architectural or historic interest. A dedicated team researches and assesses all designation applications.

You can find out more about listed buildings in the Advice and Support section of the Historic Environment Scotland website, and read our Designation Policy and Selection Guidance (2019).

To merit listing, the structure must meet set listing criteria.

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Why your views matter

We’d love to hear your thoughts and whether you agree with our proposal. You can do this by completing the short questionnaire below. We are also keen for any more information that you might have about the building/site, which will enhance our understanding of its significance and our record. 

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