Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey

Closed 30 Apr 2020

Opened 9 Apr 2020

Results updated 26 Jun 2020

On Sunday 12 June, we published the findings of research into the impact of COVID-19 on Scotland’s heritage sector.

The survey, which canvassed a wide range of businesses, organisations, social enterprises and voluntary groups across the heritage sector, was conducted to understand the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector as a whole and provide the basis for a coordinated and collaborative response to the current crisis.

Key findings from the report show nearly 80% of respondents have experienced either a loss or postponement of work and revenue due to the current pandemic, while over 70% reported having to cancel planned income generating events.

Almost a quarter (22%) said they face a high risk of their business not surviving the current situation without major intervention, with sole traders or partnerships (32%) reporting the highest level of risk, citing cashflow and future orders as the main source of concern.

Results also indicate the areas of the sector most at risk are museums, and those involved in education, training and life-long learning.

Download the full report and data.



In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it is important to understand the impacts of this fast-changing situation on the historic environment sector across Scotland.  

As the lead public body for the sector, Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is conducting this survey of businesses and organisations.

We appreciate the time you are taking to share your experience as an organisation or business. The survey should take you less than 15 minutes to complete. Please provide us with as much detail as possible in your answers.

Why your views matter

The results will inform our own actions in response to COVID-19, add value to other consultations and calls for information HES and other organisations are making, and provide material to promote the continuing value of the sector during the crisis.