Gaelic Language Plan 2023-2026 Consultation

Closes 19 Apr 2023

Data Protection

Thank you for taking part in our consultation to help us gather your views and feedback on our draft Gaelic Language Plan 2023-2026.

All individual survey responses will be completely anonymous and those responding on behalf of organisations will be asked for the name of the organisation and for the name and contact email of the respondent.

As part of this survey, we would like to understand which part of Scotland you live in or your organisation is based in for our analysis, so we are asking you to provide the first part of your postcode which means that your precise location is not identifiable. We will keep this data separate during analysis and will not retain this data.

Special Category Data (for those responding as individuals) 

In the ‘About You’ section of the survey, we are asking some questions about you and your protected characteristics. These questions fall under 'Special Category Data' and as such, require additional protection. These questions are optional and do not need to be completed if you do not wish to provide this information. Responses to these questions are collated and held anonymously.

Responses to these questions will help us to understand more about the survey results and understand how representative our overall sample is. We are capturing this information in line with our Equalities Outcomes and Mainstreaming Reports, which set out our three equality outcomes and our progress in meeting them:

  • Our Society: We make a real difference to people’s lives
  • Our Services: We deliver responsive services to meet the needs and expectations of diverse groups
  • Our People: We attract, recruit, and develop a diverse Board, workforce, and volunteer base

Please note that if you provide the information requested, the lawful basis for collecting and processing it is consent and by completing this section, you are consenting to HES collecting this information.  You can find more details about how we manage your personal data in our privacy notice.

What will we do with your data?

Our Privacy Notice hosted on our website explains your rights and our role in protecting the information that your share with us.

We will process your personal data in strict accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and The Data Protection Act 2018.

Do you consent to our Data Protection statement?