Inventory of Historic Battlefields - Revisions to Selection Guidance

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Closes 16 Jul 2024


Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is proposing changes to Annex 4 of the Designation Policy and Selection Guidance 2019.

The proposed revisions are intended to deliver the following:

  1. To clarify the aim/purpose of the designation.
  2. Improve clarity around how we define boundaries of inventory battlefields, and what aspects we include in the designation. 
  3. To ensure consistency of language and clarity of meaning.
  4. To outline the format and content of inventory battlefield records.

You can access the consultation draft Annex 4 selection guidance through the link below (see Information to assist you).

The following survey seeks your views on the revised guidance. We ask questions on each section of the guidance.

Before you take part in our survey, we have also provided a number of additional documents in the links below, which we hope will provide useful context for the changes we are proposing. 

Information to assist you

  1. Consultation draft of Annex 4 Selection Guidance for Inventory of Historic Battlefields - the version containing our proposed revisions. 
  2. A report by Lichfields UK 'The Inventory of Historic Battlefields: Planning Best Practice'. 
  3. The HES response. This includes analysis of the feedback we received from battlefields stakeholders about the Lichfields report, and a set of actions that HES is taking to deliver improvements to the designation and management of battlefields through the planning system.