Eaglais Ghàidhlig Chaluim Cille / St Columba Gaelic Church (in English)

Closed 6 Apr 2022

Opened 16 Mar 2022


St Columba Gaelic Church in Glasgow is currently a category B listed building.

We are proposing to:

  • Change the category of listing from B to A to recognise its outstanding architectural and historic interest as an ornate and prominent church built specifically for the Gaelic-speaking community.
  • Add a Gaelic translation to its listing address.

Large red sandstone church building against blue sky background.

We have launched this public consultation to gather views on our proposal to amend the listing of this important building. We are confident that it is of special architectural and historic interest and our initial view is that category A is appropriate. Find out more about listed buildings.

Members of the public are encouraged to send in their views and comments. We welcome responses in both English and Gaelic. 

Email your comments about this case or contact us via the Heritage Portal

Find out what comments we consider and what happens next in our guide and the video below.

For a version of this video in British Sign Language, please visit our Youtube channel.