Reviewing the Inventory record for the Battle of Pinkie

Closed 20 Jan 2023

Opened 31 Oct 2022

Results updated 22 Mar 2023

We received responses from three consultees to our third consultation on proposed changes to the inventory record for the battle of Pinkie (see summary report below). 

We have considered the responses and have decided to pause our review of this inventory record.

We are doing this because some of the outstanding questions around the approach to the Pinkie inventory record are directly related to some wider questions which we are currently considering in relation to how we compile and maintain the battlefields inventory. 

We have recently concluded a separate consultation in response to recommendations set out by Lichfields UK in the report we commissioned: Battlefields Planning Best Practice and we are currently considering whether to take those recommendations forward.  

The timing and degree of connection between these two pieces of work are such that we now consider that a pause is necessary to ensure that our decision on revisions to the record for Pinkie aligns with this wider work.  We remain committed to updating this record to take account of research since 2011.

Our intention is to recommence our review of Pinkie once we have taken a decision on any wider changes to the inventory. In the meantime, we refer all users to the existing inventory record available on our Heritage Portal.  

If you have any questions about the designation review,  please contact



Historic Environment Scotland is responsible for compiling and maintaining the inventory of historic battlefields. You can read more about the inventory on our battlefield designations webpage.

We are reviewing the inventory battlefield designation for the Battle of Pinkie (September 1547).

The Battle of Pinkie was fought across the area of coastal plain now mainly agricultural land and the modern settlements of Musselburgh, Wallyford, Carberry and Whitecraig in East Lothian. Pinkie is believed to be the largest single battle ever fought in Scotland in terms of the numbers of combatants involved.

What's changing?

We are proposing a major update to the inventory record and a change to the existing designation boundary to take account of research since 2011. We are also proposing to update the maps that accompany the record.

Respond to the consultation

We would welcome comments on our proposed changes.  

We have held two previous public consultation on this case in November 2021, and April 2022. 

In the course of the second consultation, we received criticisms about our consultation processes, including the extent of the information which we made available to explain our proposed revisions to the record. We have therefore taken the decision to start a new consultation on this matter to cover all proposed changes. 

As part of this new consultation, we are providing additional information to ensure that consultees can provide fully informed responses.

We encourage members of the public to send in their views. You can do this by completing the questionnaire below.

Alternatively you can contact us via the Heritage Portal where you will also find copies of the consultation documents and information on how to respond.

NB: Following a request from a consultee, we have extended the consultation for a further six weeks. The consultation will now close on 20 January, 2023. (updated on 11 Nov 2022) 

Why your views matter

Find out what comments we consider and what happens next in our guide and the video below.



What happens next

After this consultation closes, we will consider the responses we received to the second consultation, and this new consultation.

We will set out our findings in an updated consultation report. This will set out how we have taken account of the comments in our final decision.

When we have taken our decision, we will publish an updated report of handling on our Heritage Portal, along with the updated version of the inventory record and maps.