Reviewing the Inventory record for the Battle of Pinkie

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Closes 20 Jan 2023


This consultation concerns proposed changes to the inventory record for the Battle of Pinkie (1547).

The Battle of Pinkie was added to the inventory of historic battlefields on 21/03/2011. The designation was last amended on 14/12/2012 and supplementary information was updated on 14/11/2016.

Background to this consultation

We received an application from a member of the public to review the inventory designation for the Battle of Pinkie on 19/02/2020.

We reviewed the information we received with the application, including articles about the battle and reports of archaeological investigations.

To inform our assessment, we held a seminar with researchers and other stakeholders (30/04/2021). We then organised a site visit.

Previous consultations on this case

We have held two previous public consultation to invite comments on changes to the inventory record for Pinkie.

The first consultation began on 10/11/2021 and closed on 22/12/2021.  On the basis of comments at the first consultation, we undertook further research, and decided that a boundary change was required.

We organised a second consultation which began on 13/04/2022 and closed on 29/06/2022 following an extension.

To address criticisms we received about our consultation procedures on this case, we have taken the decision to start a new consultation on this matter to cover all proposed changes. 

About this new consultation

Historic Environment Scotland consults with those who are directly affected by designation proposals – including owners, occupiers and tenants – and with the planning authority. We also welcome comments from interested persons or groups.

This new consultation supersedes the second consultation.

The version of the proposed record on which we are consulting afresh is the same proposed version of the record as we provided for the second consultation. 


Find out about the policy and guidance we follow when assessing battlefields for the inventory

When assessing sites for the inventory, or reviewing existing inventory records, we undertake our work in line with our Designation Policy and Selection Guidance (2019).